Hite Drug

~Delivery within city limits (Free delivery on purchases over $10.00).After hours emergency prescription fill.
Computerized profiles with drug interaction programs.
Computerized patient profiles (any time or end of year).
Compounding available including Topicals, Transdermals, Hormonal replacement therapy, Pain therapy.
Special order 1 day service on hard to find items.
Charge Accounts.
Full line of Almay Cosmetics (See Wendy Sickels or e-mail wendysickels@hitedrug.net )Prescriptions filled & delivered to Nursing Homes.
Gift Cards available for gifts or prescriptions.
IVR (interactive Voice Response) 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week.Call to refill your prescription
Pharmacy hours and location
Speak to a pharmacy staff member.
Kodak Picture Print center
Prescription Refills order Online. Text messages when RX is ready.Disposable med info.Nursing Home prescriptions filled and delivered daily. Download the new Hite Drug App  for your smart phone. Choose Hite Drug as your pharmacy then you can create your own profile once you've created a password. call us with questions. Iphone/Smart Phone app as well as our new internet options ...
Hite Drug TakeAway  Environmental Return System. Click Here to Learn more.

913 Manvel, Chandler, OK, 74834, United States
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